"Kim&Hong Second show " poster.

Selected for "Artist statement #2 2017"

Selected for cover of the Monthly magazine"Photo dot" 10,2018.

"Dip in colours and light" poster.

"Kim&Hong first show " poster.

"A better place to kiss you" poster

New drawing.

Paju Act one.

"Double dots" poster.

Not architectural photo but photographic architecturs. 8.27 - 8.31.2016. TheTexasproject.

Selected for "Art yellow book 2016"

Color Pool. Gyeonggi museum of modern art. 9.17,2015 - 8.28,2016.

Listed on the Monthly magazine "Photo Plus" 8,2015.

Breathing house project 2 - THINKING. Kimi art. 2015.

B side. TheTexasproject.6.20 - 6.30,2015.

Listed on the Monthly magazine "Monthly Photography" 7,2015.

Listed on the Monthly magazine "Misoolsidae" 7,2015

Modern times 4th - Jingle Jingle.- Material.

solo exhibition / Modern times 4th - Jingle Jingle.-29th May to 30th June 2015. Kimi Art.

Selected for cover of the Monthly magazine"Hyundae Munhak" 12,2014.

We all in Truth. The light and Modern times.-Alejandro Gallery, Barcelona.

13 november - 11 December, 2014.

<TheTexasproject> Listed on the Monthly magazine "Photo dot" 7,2014

Art book , 'The hole', made for 'thetexasproject'.-15 Shelters.

TheTexasproject.5.31 - 6.10, 2014.

Solo exhibition / Modern tomes 3rd - Gloomy rhythms.-Gallery Dos. 3.26 - 4.1,2014.

Listed on the Monthly magazine "Public art". 3,2014.

Listed on the Monthly magazine "Misoolsidae" 3,2014.

Epoche.-Kimi art. 3.4 - 5.2, 2014.

Dot + Dots' Series. Listed on the Monthly magazine "Photo dot" 1,2014.

Light on Piece. Kips gallery Seoul Photograhpy. 12.10,2013 - 1.4,2014.

Abstract art is real. Gyeonggi museum of modern art. 7.31-11.10,2013.

Korea galleries Art Fair. COEX. Seoul.14-17, March, 2013.

Group Show / Masters of Letters. -Bermondsey Project Space, London. October, 2012.

Degree Show /Mlitt, Glasgow school of art.-Light house, Glasgow. September, 2012.

Group Show /Masters of Letters. -Mackintosh building. Glasgow. September, 2012.

Group Show /Mass Smoke Media Bombs.-JD Kelly Building, Glasgow. May, 2012.

Group Show /Straight.-Mackintosh building. Glasgow. March, 2012.

Korea international at fair -COEX, Seoul. 22-26, September, 2011.